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J. S. Bach
  •  The well-tempered clavier Book I & II (selected) 


H. Percell
  • Suites Z. 660-669


D. Scarlatti
  • Sonatas (selected)

V. A. Mozart
  • Sonate no.13 B-Dur, K.333

  • Fantasie K.475 and Sonate K.457 c-moll


J. Haydn
  • Sonate G-Dur Hob XVI:40


L. V. Beethoven
  • Sonate no.1 f-moll, op.2

  • Sonate no.2 A-Dur, op.2

  • Sonate no.5 c-moll, op.10 no.1

  • Sonate no.7 D-Dur, op.10 no.3

  • Sonate no.9 Es-Dur, op.14 no.1

  • Sonate no.15 D-Dur, op.28 "Pastorale"

R. Schumann
  • Novelette no.8 fis-moll, op.21

  • Variations on the theme ABEGG, op.1

  • Sonate no.2 g-moll, op.22

  • Bunte Blätter, op.99 (selected)

  • Carnival, op.9


F. Chopin
  • Scherzo no.1 h-moll, op.20

  • Scherzo no.2 b-moll, op.31

  • Andante spianato and Grand Brilliant Polonaise op.22

  • Souvenir de Paganini A Dur, B.37

  • Mazurkas, Nocturnes, Valses, Preludes, Etudes (selected)

F. Liszt
  • Liebesträume 1,2, and 3, S.541

  • Transcendental Etudes, S.139:

⁃ no.7 "Eroica"

⁃ no.8 "Wilde Jagd"

⁃ no.12 "Chasse-neige"

  • Variations on the theme of Bach, S.180

J. Brahms
  • 3 Intermezzo op.117

  • 6 Klavierstücke op.118


P. Tchaikovsky​
  • The Seasons, op.37a

  • Two pieces, op.10:

    • Nocturne F-Dur

    • Humoresque G-Dur

  • Lullaby (Sergey Rachmaninoff arr)

  • The Nutcracker Suite, op.71a (selected, Mikhail Pletnev arr)


S. Rachmaninoff
  • Études-Tableaux, op.33 (selected)

  • Études-Tableaux, op.39 (selected)

  • Preludes, op.23 (selected)

  • Preludes, op.32 (selected)

  • 6 romances (Alexander Vedernikov arr)

  • Italian polka (Arcadi Volodos arr)

A. Scriabin
  • Sonata-Fantasie no.2 gis-moll, op.19

  • 7 Preludes, op.17

  • Etudes (selected)

S. Prokofiev
  • Sonate no.2 d-moll, op.14


K. Shimanovskyi
  • 9 Preludes, op.1

  • Variations b-moll, op. 3

I. Stravinsky
  • 3 movements from "Firebird" suite (Guido Agosti arr)


C. Saint-Säens
  • Danse Macabre, op.40 (Franz Liszt/ Vladimir Horowitz arr)


A. Ginastera
  • 3 Argentinian dances, op.2


B. Bartok
  • Sonate, Sz.80 (1926)


S. Gubaidulina
  • Chaconne

Piano and Orchestra

  • Piano concerto no.5 f-moll, BWV 1056

  • Piano concerto no.7 g-moll, BWV 1058


V. A. Mozart
  • Piano concerto no.1 F-Dur, K.37

  • Piano concerto no.20 d-moll, KV.466

  • Piano concerto no.23 A-Dur, K.488


R. Schumann
  • Piano concerto a-moll, op.54

P. Tchaikovsky
  • Piano concerto no.1 b-moll, op.23

  • Piano concerto no.2 G-Dur, op.44

S. Rachmaninoff
  • Piano concerto no.2 c-moll, op.18

D. Schostakowitsch
  • Concertino, op.94


A. Khachaturian
  • Piano concerto Des-Dur, op.38

S. Prokofiev
  • Piano concerto no.1 Des-Dur, op.10

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